What is corporate immigration for businesses and investors?

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors has noticed that most businesses and investors are not aware that they can utilise, the points-based system introduced by the Home office in the UK for the purposes of investing funds and prospering business proposals in the UK. This allows investors, entrepreneurs and businesses to venture out to the UK and ensures that they attain an immigration status alongside establishing a business or investing funds into the fast-growing economy.

How our team assists?

At Tyler Hoffman Solicitors we have a team of experts who assist the clients, businesses, investors and entrepreneurs. Tyler Hoffman Solicitors is renowned for provided a bespoke service and our corporate immigration team ensures full assessments are carried out, with a bespoke plan tailored for each individual client’s needs.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors assists with companies attaining Tier 2 rated business licences. This particular category isn’t just for those companies outside of the UK wanting to establish a business presence in the UK, but also for UK companies who are venturing out to cities outside of the UK.

The Tier 2 category is ultimately designed to allow UK business to be able to expand and appreciate foreign skills and expertise.

Types of Licences

Company License - Allowing the company to employ highly skill foreign nationals and sponsor them to come to the UK to work for the company. This allows the highly skilled employee to take employment with the company and ultimately attain settlement in the UK subject to them competently meeting the eligibility requirements.
Intercompany Transfer License- Allows a company that has other sister branches around the world to transfer employees between the companies to come and work in the UK on projects. This particular license category does not allow the employee to settle in the UK.

Our Team and our services

At Tyler Hoffmans Solicitors our experts assess the needs of the business before preparing a bespoke plan, with a step by step guide as to the process of the license and achieving the definitive outcomes.
As part of the assessment when tailoring the bespoke plan, we arrange and include for mock audits to take place for the business to ensure that all business activities are in line with the legislations and policies. In conjunction to this our teams ensure that all documents and precedent are suitable to be presented as part of a license application.
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At Tyler Hoffman Solicitors our team of experts assess the client and business to ensure that they are eligible for the work permit category.
Essential details that have to be reviewed at this point are the following.
  • The company employing the individual must have a valid Tier 2 Home office licence to do so, and the type of licence they have must comply with the applicant they wish to employ.
  • Tyler Hoffman must assess the applicant applying for the work permit, assessing their nationality, their immigration status and their eligibility if they are inside or outside the UK.
Our team shall prepare a bespoke plan for the client and the company ensuing that the candidate has met all of the work permit criteria.

Based on the details above our teams ensure that the labor market tests are conducted for the company and that the applicant has been allocated the correct job code that will suffice as a highly skilled individual with the home office. (job codes have to be at least NQF level 6 foe highly skilled individuals)
When assessing the applicant, we assess their competency with regards to ensuring they meet the correct English language requirements and that they fulfil the maintenance requirement.

We assist both the company and the applicant in ensuring that the work permit is attained for the candidate after thoroughly assessing the needs of the business and ensuring that the candidate can endorse these needs.

Book in a consultation with a member of our corporate immigration team for an assessment of your business needs.
Tyler Hoffman Solicitors assists high net worth individuals investing funds in the UK, to invest their funds and attain settlement in the UK.

Our team assess the applicant and their net worth, before putting together a bespoke plan for their investments and execution of their application and procedures.

Our team works closely with FCA regulated capital investment firms, ensuring that the premium services are provided to the investor.

Depending on the amount of the investment our team shall be able to prepare the bespoke agenda as to ultimately attaining settlement in the UK.

£2 million investments – 5-year plan

£5 million investments – 3-year plan

£10 million investments – 2-year plan

At Tyler Hoffman Solicitors our team ensures that the client’s needs are met and that their investment are guided by the capital investment firms and, where clients want to bring their families that this is included and discussed with them to ensure a smooth transition.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors provides a bespoke plan inclusive of our team ensuring all documents are drafted, all precedents are competent and that all documents and preparation for the client are seamless to be produced as part of the Tier 1 investor visa.

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Tyler Hoffman Solicitors assist with clients investing £200,000 in the UK, working alongside commendable capitalist investment firms that can ensure the funds are efficiently invested.

At Tyler Hoffman Solicitors our team of experts assess the applicant and depending at the stage they are at, they shall prepare a bespoke plan for the services they require. This varies from initial applications, extensions to attaining settlement.

Our team of expert’s draft and produce all the relevant supporting documents and working alongside a financial team, we ensure that the entrepreneur shall be prepared for their investment and application.

When preparing the initial plan for the entrepreneur, our teams shall assess the entrepreneur and ensure that they shall be prepared for the submission of the application.

Overall our team ensure that the entrepreneur has completed and met each eligibility criteria for the initial investment, the genuineness test, the English language requirement and finally the maintenance requirements.

Where our teams are assisting those applying to extend their Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, we shall assess the applicant and ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria before assisting them with the drafting of the documents and composing of the application.

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This category is specifically designed for companies outside the UK that want to set up a business entity in the UK. Tyler Hoffman Solicitors ensures that your business needs are not compromised as part of the process and that you are able to establish a sister company in the UK of an already established company outside of the UK.

The company can send a senior member of the team to set the establishment up in the UK, this category allows the member of that team to settle in the UK with their family subject to them meeting the eligibility rules.

Ultimately our corporate immigration team can assess the company and applicant to ensure that they competently meet the eligibility requirements, with regards to the setting up of the establishment and business ethics, their English language requirements and maintenance requirements.

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Tyler Hoffman Solicitors can assist with other categories that authorise individuals to commence employment in the UK. We appreciate that seeking employment in another country is difficult and whether you are a new graduate in the UK and want to commence employment here, or are wanting to venture out to the UK for a new opportunity. Our team can assist in ensuring that we find the most suitable working category for you making the process more stress free.

Our Corporate immigration team can assist with the following working categories:
  • Tier 1 – Exceptional talent
  • Tier 5 – licence
  • Tier 5 – Youth mobility visa
  • Tier 5 – Temporary working visa / Entertainers visa/ Sports person visa
  • Ancestry visa
  • Switching between PBS categories
Book in a consultation with a member of our corporate immigration team for an assessment of your circumstances and the categories that shall be most suitable to you.
As part of the bespoke services Tyler Hoffman Solicitors provide with regards to this particular area of law it is absolutely essential that each client books a consultation for their circumstances to be assessed. After this assessment a plan will be prepared for the clients specifically tailored to their business, company, employment and investment needs.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors can assist with an entire process, preparing a stage by stage bespoke plan or alternatively you also have the option of choosing singular services.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors offer a free initial consultation with further consultations being fee chargeable. Upon a bespoke plan being put together for the services required the client is quoted an overall fee for the application process subject to the services they choose to use.

Our plans included the following services:
  • Drafting of all legal documents (including official agreement such as the directors loan agreements)
  • Reviewing of all supporting documents
  • Providing clients with precedents of documents where need be
  • Mock company audits
  • Mock interviews to prepare the entrepreneur and investors
  • Preparing of applications and cover letters
  • Annual progression meetings up until the clients has finally settled into the UK, this annual progression meeting shall mean that we reassess the client and ensure that they are not facing any difficulties with regards to their business and investments, that could potentially be detrimental to their settlement applications in the UK.

Book in a consultation with a member of our corporate immigration team for an assessment of your business needs.