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Fail To Identify Driver / Notice Of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

A Notice of Intended Prosecution [NIP], also known as 172 notice, will be issued if you have committed a motoring offence and were not given a verbal warning at the scene.

The police have 14 days to inform you of this and to issue you with this notice. If you receive this notice after the 14 days, the offence is usually void. This gives the owner of the vehicle up to 28 days to provide the details of the driver who committed the offence.

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You could face 6 penalty points in addition to any financial penalty up to £1000.

There are a number of possible defences you can use if you are faced with this particular motoring offence if you can show that you do not know who the driver is, you cannot identify who the driver is, even though you have taken all reasonable steps and provide the information you have as soon as you possibly can

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If you have been sent a s172 notice of intended prosecution, you should get expert legal advice as soon as possible. We can offer you advice on your specific circumstances and other options which may be available to you. Contact us on 03300 536 786 to speak to a motoring expert.

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Police Station Representation

If you are arrested and taken to a police station, this can be a very frightening and overwhelming experience, if you are unaware of the procedures and protocols.

The decisions you make at the police station can be crucial and detrimental to your future. It is imperative that you request for Tyler Hoffman Solicitors at the first available opportunity so we can further protect your position from the point of initiation.

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